New Website for 2011

Welcome to the new website!  There are still parts of it that are under construction (i.e. the Gallery), and I hope to make some improvements along the way to things such as the layout of tables.  If you find anything that you think needs improvement, or simply does not work correctly in your browser, please email me at and I will make an effort to address the issue.

Please note that the menus above have content at the main level as well as the pull-down menus underneath.  For example, “Meetings” tells where and when we meet, but “Schedule” holds additional information about our meetings.  Most of the content from the old site can be found on this new site.  If there was something that you found useful that you believe was left behind, please email me and I will look into it.  Thank you all for your patience as I work on this site!

–Bill Van Wie

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