Woodturning and More Picnic at Don Russell’s Farm

From an email I received about an upcoming event…

— Just The Facts —

Don Russell’s
Woodturning & More Picnic
Saturday, July 16th, 2011
Hours: 9am to 3pm Saturday
Don Russell’s Farm
2025 GumCreek Road
Oxford,Ga. 30054 (near Covington, Ga.) in Newton County.
Contacts are Tom Jeanes (770)670-8985 , tjeanes@charter.net or
Ron Brown (770) 312-9087, ronbrown@coolhammers.com
$5.00 Admission fee per person,
cash only, kids under 16 free, spouses free.

The Fine Print:

Don Russell’s
Woodturning & More Picnic
Saturday, July 16th, 2011
Contacts are Tom Jeanes (770)670-8985 , tjeanes@charter.net or
Ron Brown (770) 312-9087, ronbrown@coolhammers.com
1. Picnic Hours 9am to 3pm Saturday at Don Russell’s farm, 2025  Gum Creek Road, Oxford, Ga. 30054 (near Covington, Ga.) in Newton County.
2. The presentation format will feature 1 or 2 well known  demonstrators doing alternating rotations with 2-4 other demonstrations  taking place simultaneously outside or at other nearby areas at the farm.
3. There will be a “Show and tell instant gallery area”  so bring something to share.
4. There will be a Raffle at 2 pm for donated items. Tickets $1  per chance.
5. $5.00 Admission fee per person, cash only, kids under 16  free, spouses free.
6. Burgers, hot dogs & soft drinks will be available for  purchase.
7. If your club would like information on hosting the food and drink  concession this year as a fund raiser for your group, please contact Ron or  Tom at the phone #’s below.
8. There will also be home made ice cream! Always a perennial  favorite.
9. Tool Swap meet like always. Bring your pickup, SUV or just the  trunk of your car and sell or trade woodworking tools, wood, etc. No extra  charge to participate in swap meet. Please consider bringing something to  donate to the raffle.
10. Commercial Vendors are welcome. $25 Fee and bring whatever you  want. Please invite vendors you would like to see participate  —  Kentec, Peachtree Woodworking, Woodcraft, Rockler, Highland Woodworking, Mark  Sillay, Dogwood Institute, Atlanta Hardwood, Peach State Lumber, Cool Hammer  Company, etc. (Commercial Vendor is defined as selling new merchandise not  normally found at swap meets or garage sales.)
11. Invite all interested wood working clubs, scroll saw, carvers,  flat workers, turners, etc. Tell your buddies and bring a group. If you have  a 10×10 tent like you see at craft fairs and want to set it up to provide  shade for your group, bring it. This would be a great event for Boy and Girl  Scout groups, etc.
12. Please forward this notice to everyone you think might be  remotely interested and help us get the word out the sooner the better. Send  this to any publications that you think might print this notice, i.e. local  papers or magazines and post it on woodworking forums like sawmill creek,  etc.
13. Bring your own folding chairs, umbrellas for shade, ice chest  and extra drinking water. Soft drinks will be available for purchase.
14. There will be a limited number of public porta-potties on  site.
15. Parking is free and rural. This is a farm. You will be parking  in a field. Most activities are outdoors. Wear appropriate footwear and dress  for the heat.
Please spread the word, but tell everyone we are just now  organizing things (April 2011) and they are subject to change!  Let us  know of the interest level you discover. So far it has been very positive,  but if there isn’t enough interest, we can’t do it. If there is a lot of  interest, we will to it bigger.
Ron Brown, Tom Jeanes and Don Russell

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  • admin:

    We are charging full steam ahead! We have decided to use local talent for the demonstrators. Metro Atlanta and surrounding area has a great abundance of very talented very accomplished turners. We have arranged for 5-6 turners to take one hour rotations in the main turning area.

    Hours are set at 9 am to 3 pm. Door Prize/Raffle at 2 pm

    In addition we will have at least 4 other lathe stations outdoors:

    One dedicated to people who have never turned

    One dedicated for pen turning

    One To Be Determined, but probably rotate between various demos

    One for various bowl turning, green wood, natural edge, etc.

    May add more lathes if needed

    In addition to turning, marquetry demos are confirmed, scroll saw demos are confirmed, food for purchase is confirmed, home made ice cream for purchase is confirmed.

    We have a few commercial vendors and lots of swap meet folks confirmed.

    The response has been super positive and we are expecting between 250 and 400 folks and their wives and teenaged kids. Could be more it’s hard to say, but it is looking terrific.

    See you there.

    Ron Brown, Tom Jeans, Don Russell

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