October 2013 Meeting Reminder

PlannerThe next meeting of the CCW is Monday October 28,2013 at the Clarke Central High school Construction Technology Building beginning at 6 PM. Our demonstrator for the October meeting will be Chris Woodall. Chris is well known for his thread chasing and is featured in Ron Brown’s DVDs for thread chasing and for his work on wood stabilization. We have asked him to spend a brief time on follow up to our last month presentation on thread chasing and show some of his work and his tools. This will be the first time he has demonstrated for our club but there are several members of our club that know him. Following his brief words about thread chasing, his program will focus on the use of the stick fast home stabilization kit to be able to stabilize your own wood for turning. Also he will show a CA finish on something other than pens (Christmas ornament or lidded box). He will demonstrate this technique on a Christmas ornament because we are getting close to the holiday season.

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