A call for officers!


We still do not have anyone for the offices of VP and Pres for 2015.  Without filling these offices, the club will have to take a hiatus and then try to restart sometime in the future.  If you have some time available, please consider filling one of these positions.  There are plenty of folks who have filled these positions in the past that can advise and assist, they just do not have the time to do it all themselves over and over again.  Do not let “I don’t know what to do” be a limiting factor.  Doing nothing may equate to the disappearance of the club! 🙁

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  • David Lanphere:

    This would be a great loss if the club had to stop, I hope some one with more knowledge of the club could step up, I’ve only attended one meeting and have no knowledge of the club or what the response abilities are, but would be willing to help in any way possible as I do not work

  • ted:

    hello I live outside Athens and trying to find a wood turner to duplicate 3 spindals from a rice bed I have. Can you guys help?? Thanks Ted 404-644-1271

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